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Everpure ES06 Cartridge

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Everpure ES06 Cartridge

4,100 Grain Hardness Capacity - 5 Micron - Softening & Scale Reduction

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The Everpure ESO6 Filter is an industry leading product that combines softening with filtration and pH control to achieve a cost effective, compact, and reliable method for controlling hardness levels in water. Ideal for espresso and other hot water applications, this unique three stage filter blends softened, buffered, and filtered water to make it the ideal product for protecting your espresso machines while producing beverages of surpassing quality.

  • Unique three stage blending cartridge provides softened, buffered, filtered water
  • Utilizes ion exchange resin with buffering capabilities and high capacity coconut carbon filtration
  • Small amount of carbon filtered water bypasses softening resin to allow proper initial hardness
  • Buffering prevents water from becoming too acidic
  • Reduces hardness in water that can cause scale build-up in coffee and espresso equipment
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is quick, clean, and easy
  • Everpure ESO 7 Filter Info PDF


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