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FridgeFilterShop.com proudly presents Fridgeopedia: the most comprehensive and in-depth guide to the revolutionary invention of the fridge. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the handy home appliance which totally transformed the way we prepare and cook food. 

"Of all the inventions made in the 20th century, refrigeration was among those that altered the course of our everyday lives in a most tasteful way."

Over the centuries, the fridge has become much more than the luxury kitchen gadget it started out as. It’s developed into a solid household staple, with 97% of people in the UK having a fridge in their home. In fact, fridges are so popular today that there are many different types to suit every possible scenario.

Most of us can’t imagine life without our trusty fridge. It’s completely mind-boggling to think how people managed for centuries without one. How did they safely store their food? Did they have to buy fresh ingredients every day?

The history of the fridge is rich with innovation, creativity, and ingenuity which completely changed our domestic culture. In the past few decades alone, fridge manufacturers have engineered cutting-edge features that have upgraded the fridge from a common home appliance to every kitchen's centre for convenience.

By adding useful, in-demand features like ice makers, water dispensers, and LCD displays, forward-thinking engineers have remodelled the way we manage and use our kitchens.

Our detailed Fridgeopedia invites you on a journey into the positive effect the fridge has had on our lives, and how fridge manufacturers have developed our cooking and eating habits.

Whether you need practical information to solve a problem or you’re just casually curious, we’re here for you!

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