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Neff DD7098 Fridge Water Filter

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Neff DD7098 Fridge Water Filter

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What will it fit?


No integrated fridge filter? No problem! Just get the Neff DD7098 Inline Fridge Filter and install it in the water line feeding into your fridge. The process is painless and easy, and the end result will be crystal clear ice and vibrant tea. Give it a try, you won't regret it!
  • The Neff DD7098 fridge ice and water filter is NSF/ANSI 42 certified for the reduction of chlorine taste & odor
  • Designed to easily install directly in the water line feeding into your fridge
  • Coconut shell granular activated carbon filter media
  • Comes complete, all fittings included
  • Genuine OEM product

Compatible with the following

55616,155083,497818,4210359,4210508,4210573,4378411,4392945,18001001,18001009,18001010,25004006,25004018,25004022,25004082,3010541600,3019974100,5303310266,5303917335,3650JD8050A,3890JC2990A,5231JA2003B,5231JA2010A,5231JA2010B,5231JA2012A,AP2615841,AP3109540,AP3219862,AP4324927,BL9808,BL-9808,C00114417,CL10RO,DA29-10105C,DA29-10105E,DA29-10105J,EF9603,EF-9603,GXITQ,GXRTO,GXRTQ,HAFEX-EXP,IF30,IF-30,IF30A,IF30-A,IF31,IF-31,IF-35,ILIM01,IL-IM-01,IN-1,K2533,K32010CB,K3MFC2010F,R0183114,R200,R-200,R-400,SBS70524,SBS7052-4,USC100,WF283,WIC,WIC6A,WIC-6A,WICS,WPRO,WR97X180,WR97X214,WR97X215,WSF100,WSF-100,WSI-1,WSS3,WSS-3,K3940X6/01,K3940X6/04,K3940X6GB/01,K3940X6GB/01 1627027742,K3940X6GB/04,K3940X6GB/04 1627027742,K3940X6GB/05,K3940X6GB/05 1627027742,K3940X6GB/06,K3950X6GB/01,K3950X6GB/01 1627027742,K3950X6GB/05,K3950X6GB/05 1627027742,K3970X6/01,K3970X6/02,K3970X6/03,K3970X6/04,K3970X6/05,K3990,K3990 1627027742,K3990X6/01,K3990X6/01 1627027742,K3990X6/02,K3990X6/03,K3990X6/04,K3990X6GB/01,K3990X6GB/01 1627027742,K3990X6GB/02,K3990X6GB/02 1627027742,K3990X6GB/03,K3990X6GB/03 1627027742,K3990X6GB/04,K3990X6GB/04 1627027742,K3990X7/01,K3990X7/02,K3990X7/03,K3990X7/04,K3990X7GB/01


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