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Brita Fill & Go Cartridges - 8 Pack

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Brita Fill & Go Cartridges - 8 Pack

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What will it fit?


These BRITA Fill & Go Cartridges are suitable for the BRITA Fill & Go Water Bottle. Find more BRITA water filters for different products here.

BRITA Fill & Go Cartridges allow you to enjoy fresh and delicious tasting filtered water on the go, wherever you are. By using these simple cartridges, you get purer, better quality water for just a few pence per litre. That’s cheaper than buying bottled water and much better for the environment.

To use your BRITA Fill & Go Cartridge, simply remove the old cartridge and insert the new one in its place. Fill your bottle up with tap water and you’re good to go.

If you regularly use your BRITA Fill & Go Water Bottle, you should replace each cartridge once per week for the best tasting and purest water.

  • Works with the BRITA Fill & Go Water Bottle
  • Filters the water as you drink, lowering chlorine, impurity and microparticle levels, while preserving key minerals
  • More sustainable and cost-efficient than buying bottled water
  • Each disk lasts one week
  • Pack includes 8 BRITA Fill & Go Cartridges


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